VGA Chipset Cooler
Arctic Cooling Accelero X2 for ATI
X1800 series, X1900 series


ATI X1800 series
ATI X1900 series

Unique Cooling Performance with 6 Heat Pipes

Fully Crossfire and BTX compatible
The Accelero 2 is Crossfire compatible with all mainboards and offers in such a configuration exactly the same performance. In contrast to our ATI Silencers, the Accelero is 100% BTX compatible, thus a DHES is not possible/necessary anymore. The hot air is removed by the BTX airflow.

Voltage Converter Cooling
Some air is blown out from the air guide window towards the voltage converters on the VGA board.

Patented Vibration Absorption
The motor holder consists of a rubber part at the centre to act as a vibration damper. It can help absorb the vibration of the running fan and prevent vibration transfer to the heatsink and the case.

Easy Installation
The cooler is to install within seconds.

> Heat Sink: 152(L) x 90(W) x 30(H) mm
> Fan: 141(L) x 120(W) x 28(H) mm
> Overall Dimensions: 152(L) x 120(W) x 30(H) mm
> Rated Fan Speed: 2000 RPM
> Power Consumption: 0.13 Amp.
> Air Flow: 9.82 CFM / 16.7 m3/h
> Weight: 260 g
> Noise Level: 0.4 Sone
> Thermal Resistance: 0.39C/Watt
> Thermal Interface Material: Pre-applied MX-1 Paste

With the height restriction drawing you can check your VGA board for compatibility with our cooler.
First you have to check the position of the mounting holes. Then check the height of the components.

If some components are slightly higher than our fancasing allows, you can relatively easy cut the fan casing.
To do so we suggest you first to uninstall the fancasing bottom. Then cut the bottom in the area of the component that caused the conflict and reinstall the bottom again.

We use ATIs respectively NVIDIAs standard power plugs. In case the power plug is not following ATIs/NVIDIAs solutions, you can either cut both plugs and connect the wires correspondingly or you can also get 12 Volt power directly from the PSU. There you have to connect the wires as follows: black with black and red (VGA) with yellow (PSU). The yellow cable from the VGA is an RPM signal, that is not needed.