Hard Drive Fan
Slim Type Aluminum Alloy with Dual Fans
Vantec HDC-502A

Aluminum Hard Drive Cooler with Dual Fans

Since the introduction of 7200 RPM hard drives, passive cooling for HDDs were no longer sufficient.  As with any computer component, a hard drive can only perform reliably if it is kept within their specified operating temperatures - the cooler the hard drive, the more efficiently it can perform.  As the spindle motors inside the drive spin, the temperature of the hard drive rises considerably, often leading to read errors, reduced life cycles, and even loss of data should the temperature surpass the heat threshold. Vantec HDD coolers help keep your hard drive well within their specified temperature range, often resulting in more than 100% heat dissipation.  By keeping your hard drive cool, you not only increase stability, but the efficiency of your hard drive.  Available in a 3.5 solution, with a Vantec hard drive cooler, you can ensure the reliability of your important data.


  • Aluminum alloy material 100% heat dissipation

  • Dual Twin fans / high airflow / high performance

  • Extended HDD's life - make PC system stable Easy installation

  • Easy Installation

  • UL / CSA / CE Approval DC Fans


  • Voltage: DC 12V

  • Current: 0.12A x 2

  • Power Consumption: 2.16W

  • Fan Speed: 5000 RPM

  • Airflow: 9 CFM

  • Bearing Type: Sleeve Bearing

  • Outline Dimension: 110.0 x 101.8 x 12.2 (mm)

  • Weight: 110 gm

  • Body Type: 3.5"