Axial Flow Fan 80x80x25mm
Space Fan B802512BH
DC12V 0.18A with 2-pin 2-conductor Connector


  • Design: Axial Flow Muffin Cooling Fan
  • Manufacturer: Mitachi
  • Brand or Distributor: Space Fan
  • Model: B802512BH
  • Size: 80x80x25mm
  • Power Rating: DC12V 0.18A
  • Connector: 2-pin 2-conductor
  • Wire Length: 5-1/4 inch
  • Weight: 2.2 oz (estimated shipping weight 5 oz)
  • Condition: Used, pulled from computer power supply, may with signs of cosmetic wear.
  • Package: Non-retail packaging, in unprinted box or plastic bag.
  • For used with or pulled from: (for reference only)
    • Pulled from computer power supply.