Wytron TA-2000 Hard Drive Duplicator
Ultra High Speed SATA Bus
14-Target, Total 15 Ports
for 3.5 or 2.5 Drives
DP-HD-WT-TA2000L (with Alarm Lamp)

SATA Bus High Speed Duplicator 14 Target Hard Drive Duplication in one operation Data Transfer Bandwidth up to 9GB/minute.


  • Directly copy SATA bus 2.5" or 3.5" hard drive with SATA-I/II spec

  • Optional SATA3 adapter to convert SATA to IDE bus for IDE bus hard drive

  • Ready for copying RAID#0 or RAID#1 system. For RAID#0, the transfer rate can reach twice of that original speed

  • Quick copy mode to copy meaningful data area is provided to shorten the time of duplication. (Suitable only for Microsoft Windows system, Linux system or Linux-like system)

  • Traditional RS-232 interface built-in to get logfile so as to support world widely within short time

  • Small occupation; easy to operate; intuitive module design

  • Optional three-color alarm lamp to give significant signal to operator so as to take a prompt action on machine, no matter the operation stops normally or in critical situation. Mostly suitable for factory usage, especially in situation of fewer operators to operate many machines

  • Stabilize the hard drives by clip design when placing hard drives on top of machine; avoid the vibration of hard drives themselves during operation to cause damage

  • Firmware can be easily upgraded Suitable for Microsoft Windows 98/ME, Windows 2000/XP, Windows Vista, etc. with FAT 16/32 or NTFS structure, Linux, Novell Netware, Unix/Xenix, Mac OS, etc.

    Master hard drives can be preloaded into one big master and stored as an image file. Users can simply select the file in big master to copy their target hard drives. Avoiding old day's trouble of managing/keeping too many master hard drives.

    Built-in 500W power supply unit to support sufficiently the power requirement of all connected hard drives

  • FAN
    3 built-in cooling fans to cool off the heat generated by all connected hard drives during operation


  • 14-Target, Total 15 Ports

  • Ultra Fast

    • Pure SATA interface

    • 9 GB/min data transfer bandwidth; Truly tested 90 MB/sec writing speed for the latest hard drive

  • Filing the Master

    • Store master hard drives as a file in the 'Big Master'

  • Maximum Capacity Secured by Power Auto-Control

    • Upon completion under normal operation, trouble detection in the middle of operation, or abort manually: Power will be terminated automatically for best security to the connected hard drives

    • Implement random target numbers between 1 to 14 targets

  • Functionality and Versatility

    • Quick copy function copies only the data area (including the hidden partition)

    • Quick copy function allows: Smaller master to larger targets and different capacity of targets within one operation

    • Block Copy and Intelligent Block Copy will do more flexible range/data copy for unknown OS system

  • RAID (0 & 1) Group Copy Capability

    • RAID support with multi-master

    • Optional RAID5 or RAID10 with capability of installing up to 4 pcs of master

  • Effective HDD Cooling System & Modular Design

    • Standing hard drive orientation, making TA-2000 compact

    • 3 large powered fans keeps the hard drives cool during operation and heat generated from hard drives will be 100% cooldown