DVD 16X BTC, Internal IDE, CD-DVD-16-BTC

  • 16X transfer speed for DVD and 48X for CD-ROM
  • Quick data access
  • Excellent media formats compatibility
  • Good vibration resistance
  • Low operation noise


Introducing the BDV 316B, the fourth generation of DVD-ROM technology. The BDV 316B is capable of reading DVD data at 16X speed and CD-ROM data at up to 48X speed -- essential for today's data-intensive applications. It's compatible with just about any 
data format (CD-ROM, CD-R/RW, DVD-ROM), and delivers optimum readability for low reflectivity and defective discs.
Our R&D team is motivated by the ambitious goal of developing the highest quality drive on the market. With the BDV 316B they have succeeded in combining high reliability, minimal vibration, and quiet operation, to offer you the smartest DVD-ROM choice available.