Memory Card Reader / Writer
USB 2.0 for 3.5-inch Drive Bay
Vantec UGT-900 All-in-1 with USB Port


145x100x26 mm
USB 2.0 (USB 1.1 compatible)
Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP and Mac OS 8.6 or higher

Supported Media Format:
> Compact Flash I - 8MB ~ 4GB
> Compact Flash II - 8MB ~ 4GB
> Smart Media Card - 8MB ~ 128MB
> Multi Media Card - 8MB ~ 4GB
> Secure Digital Card - 16MB ~ 4GB
> IBM Microdrive - 340MB ~ 4GB
> Memory stick Card - 4MB ~ 256MB
> Memory stick PRO Card - 256MB ~ 4GB
> Memory stick PRO DUO Card - 256MB ~ 2GB


> Dimension: 14.5 x 10 x 2.6 cm
> Weight: 200g
> Power Requirements: 0.4W
> Interface: USB 2.0 (USB 1.1 compatible)
> Connection: Internal USB header
> Available ports: USB 1.1/2.0 port (1)
> Support: Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP and Mac OS 8.6 or higher

Package Included:
> Face Plate x 2
> Card Reader x 1
> USB Header
> Cable x 1

In this digital age, it seems everything uses a memory card.  Digital Cameras, MP3 players, PDAs, televisions, and even picture frames all either depend on, or make use of, flash memory cards.  With over a dozen different card types, one could easily find their computer covered in wires and gadgets.  With the Vantec Internal Card Reader, you merely insert the card you wish to access, copy your information, and then remove the card.  And should you need to connect your device to your computer, the Vantec Internal Card Reader has the added bonus of featuring an external USB 2.0 port as well.  Spend less time struggling with the computer and more time actually getting to your valuable data with the Vantec Internal Card Reader.