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Sound Card Game Port Extension Cable
for Analog Joystick, Joypad, Game Controller, MIDI Audio
D-Sub 15-Pin DB15 Female to Male 6FT
SKU# 221502A



  • Description: Sound Card Game Port Extension Cable, for Analog Joystick, Joypad, Game Controller, D-Sub 15-Pin DB15 Female to Male 6FT, SKU# 221502A  
  • Manufacturer: Unknown
  • Brand Name or Distributor: Unbranded
  • Model: SKU# 221502A
  • Connectors:
    • D-Sub 15-pin DB15 Male
    • D-Sub 15-pin DB15 Female
  • Overall Length: 6 FT
  • Condition: New
  • Weight: 7.8 oz (Estimated Shipping Weight 10 oz)
  • Package: Non-retail Packaging, in Unprinted Reused Box or Plastic Bag.
  • For use with or pulled from: (for reference only)
    • Game port is the traditional connection for video game input devices on an x86-based PCs. The game port is usually integrated with a PC I/O or sound card, either ISA or PCI, or as an on-board feature of some motherboards.
    • The original game port design by IBM initially allowed four analog axes and four buttons on one port, allowing two joysticks or four paddles to be connected, although this required a special "Y-splitter" cable and isn't fully supported by some combined MIDI / Game ports usually found on sound cards.
    • Some poorly implemented game ports (usually built-in on old motherboards and I/O cards) didn't fully support either 4 axes or 4 buttons, making only the use of a single 2-axis and 2-button joystick possible.
    • The 15-pin game port which also acts as a MIDI port has been dropped from some newer PCs in favor of the USB port, while some motherboards still include it and allow to configure it as a MIDI port or a game port, through their BIOS.